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How to hire a part-time CFO that fits your company culture: A tale of 3 radically different CFOs

Running a company without a CFO is tough – but hiring one can be even tougher. No other role will be so crucial to your success, so getting the right chemistry, skill set, experience and personality is vital. Its no wonder that more and more business owners are turning to outsourcing for the CFO role and even the entire finance department function.


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You Can't Stop Cyber Crime... But You Can Buy Cyber Insurance

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In the wake of the Equifax data theft, Yahoo's revelation about losing 1 billion customer records, and news about data theft sponsored by the governments of North Korea and Russia, it's clear that there are some "very bad dudes" on the internet.

There’s not much you can do to be perfectly protected… but you can buy insurance to hedge your risk.

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Business Lawsuit: Fight, Pay or Settle?

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Owning a business exposes you to all kinds of risks -- and when things don't go right, those risks can turn into a lawsuit.  Even the most ethical business can find themselves on the wrong side of a legal dispute -- a company is a natural target for those who believe the way to settle differences is in a court of law.

If you should find that your[…]

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Why Real Estate Appraisals Suck... and Why You Should Care

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As a financial analyst and CFO, I’ve seen a lot of real estate transactions.  But not until recently did I appreciate how important the real estate appraisal process is … and how screwed up it is.

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