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Large companies know that a deep understanding of finance is critical to their success. CFOs play an important role in problem solving, goal setting and strategy development. Now small businesses can have the same insight and opportunity.

Part time or "fractional" CFOs are a cost-effective way to bring more skill, experience and solutions to your small business -- at a fraction of the cost of a full-time person.

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Fuse CFO Services

  • Outsourced/Interim/Part-Time CFO
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Internal, External and Management Reporting
  • Treasury Services and Banking Relationships
  • Capital Formation and Investor Relationships

What are CFO services?

Every company that gets large enough eventually hires a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  A great CFO adds an important pillar to the management team, the strategic direction, and the financial stability of any company.
But what about a smaller company?  Before a company is large enough to afford a full time CFO, they can still take advantage of CFO services by using an outsourced finance consultant or fractional CFO. 
CFO Services can include all the things that a full-time CFO might do -- but sized just right for the smaller budgets of a small and medium-sized business.  Companies with $1 million to $50 million are perfect candidates to consider hiring out CFO Services.  Like a full-time CFO, each part time CFO should be evaluated for skills that match your needs.  In order to get exactly the right fit, it is often helpful to find a group of financial consultants who can give you the benefit of several different people (and many diverse skills). 

What is a Fractional CFO?

A fractional CFO is simply an experienced CFO who is available to smaller businesses on a part-time or temporary basis.  Although most Chief Financial Officers work for large companies, small companies who could benefit from just a few hours or days of help can now reach out to a Fractional CFO for exactly that -- deep financial and strategic help available by the hour. 
Many Fractional CFOs are coming out of roles at larger companies and are looking for more interesting work. Sometimes they are semi-retired, and sometimes they are doing Fractoinal CFO work full time -- meaning they have many different customers.  
Some Fractional CFOs have even joined together to form companies of their own.  Often, a team of Fractional CFOs can provide exactly the right fit at exactly the right time.

What does a Fractional CFO do? 

A part time CFO often does everything that a full-time CFO might do, including:
  • Oversee the finance and accounting department & provide QC on all transactions
  • Provide month-end reporting and discuss financial statements with the business owner
  • Set key metrics (KPIs) and create dashboards for better management information 
  • Suggest strategic changes to the business to take advantage of opportunities
  • Structure and implement partnerships with other companies, investors, banks, etc.
  • Review and administer key contracts, loans, credit facilities, foreign exchange hedges, etc.
  • Implement improvements in operations, including software roll-outs
  • Evaluate business opportunities and forecast the possible results
  • Help management create budgets and forecasts for the company
  • Manage or advise HR, IT, and Operational departments 

What is an Interim CFO?

An interim CFO generally holds the position of Chief Financial Officer for a short time while a permanent replacement is found.  An Interim CFO may come in after an unexpected departure of a permanent employee, or during a period of crisis (or opportunity) before a full time CFO is hired. 
An interim CFO can be either full time or part time.  They key difference is that there is typically a search underway to recruit a replacement employee.  Interim CFOs may be fractional CFOs, outside consultants, or even employees from other posts in the same company. 

What kinds of part-time CFOs are there?

Many part time CFOs are independent consultants.  They may be people who have retired from industry, or who have always made their living by consulting. In general, these people work from home (and from your location, of course), and provide all of their own resources. 
More often these days, CFOs are coming together to form larger firms that specialize in part time CFO work.  These "Fractional CFO Companies" can provide a team approach to the role of CFO -- in fact outsourcing many of the functions of the finance department including accounting, controllers, and CFO level roles. 

What does a part-time CFO cost?

A fractional or part time CFO generally charges by the hour or by the month.  On an hourly basis, you might pay anywhere from $75 to $275 per hour depending on the person you hire and the difficulty of the work you have to do. 
Keep in mind that a Part Time CFO is not the best person suited to doing basic accounting work -- but some CFO teams can bring lower cost accountants along.  In industry, CFOs are often paid $150,000 to $300,000 per year or more. Hiring such a person to work for an hourly rate is a bargain by any measure.
More than any other position, a CFO is keenly aware that s/he has to "pay for himself" by finding cost savings, new opportunities for profits, smoother operations, or better investments.  Hiring a part time CFO can be a transformational point in the life of a small business. 

Examples of FUSE Agreements

Every business is unique. The way we help is too. Our client relationships are structured to create the best fit for the companies we serve. Here are some examples.

Part-time Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accurate, Reliable Financials, Clear, Readable Financial Reporting.

Part-time Controller Services: 

Weekly or monthly CFO or COO reviews of your operations and financial results. Meeting with you we'll identify the most important ways to improve operations.

Fractional CFO Services

  • Clear, Readable Financial Reporting
  • Deep Understanding of the KPIs that Drive Results
  • Internal and External Growth Options including M & A
  • Financial Modeling, Dashboards and Tools for Better Decision-Making

Accounting + CFO Full Service Financial Ops

A trusted teammate to proactively and thoughtfully help you with all your financial and operational issues. A “sounding board” for operational advice and financial understanding.

  • Outsourced/Interim/Part-Time CFO
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Internal, External and Management Reporting
  • Treasury Services and Banking Relationships
  • Capital Formation and Investor Relationships

Stand-Alone Financial or Operational Projects

  • Establish a new financial accounting system, build a new business model to raise equity.
  • Hire outsourced/Interim/Part-Time CFO
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Internal, External and Management Reporting
  • Capital Formation and Investor Relationships