Make your company more profitable, more sustainable and more fun!


We are more than consultants; we roll up our sleeves and become part of your team.  We share our knowledge of finance and operations to change how you view your business, helping you understand key business drivers so you’ll be successful for years to come.

Let us help you “FUSE” the disciplines of finance and operations to improve every aspect of your business.


Management Consulting Service Areas


Strategy and Growth

  • Strategic planning and corporate structuring
  • Business intelligence and analytical tools
  • Profit improvement and pricing
  • Strategic partnerships, JVs, and investments

Operations and Finance

  • Financial and accounting management
  • Forecast modeling and budgeting
  • Operational and financial reporting
  • Working capital management and improvement
  • Business Intelligence and analytical tools
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) development and benchmarking
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Cost reduction
  • Inventory and assembly optimization
  • Business process improvement

M&A Due Diligence

  • Financial review and analysis
  • Product and market analysis
  • Deep dive audit, verification and validation
  • Product/customer profitability
  • Operational efficiency and capacity analysis

Post Merger Integration

  • Integration strategy and implementation
  • EBITDA improvement initiatives
  • Forecasting and modeling
  • Business process improvement
  • Change management and stabilization
  • Organizational alignment
  • Project management

Turnarounds and Restructuring

  • Improving operating performance and profitability
  • Interim management
  • Workouts and lender negotiations
  • Cash flow forecast and monitoring